MenuLibre 2.0.3 Released

MenuLibre 2.0.3 incorporates important bug fixes while making several usability and under-the-hood improvements. The new release is recommended for all users.

What’s New?

Here’s a brief summary of the changes since the last announcement of MenuLibre 2.0

Bug Fixes

General Improvements

  • Do not install *.pot files.
  • Additional fallback code for detecting the user session
  • Save the position of newly added launchers
  • Automatically save newly added separator items
  • Improved menu cleanup when items are removed
  • When saving, guarantee the launcher menus’ categories are included
  • Sync visibility with NoDisplay and Hidden properties


  • Improved directory and subdirectory (un)installation
  • Disable adding subdirectories to system-installed paths


  • Add new launchers to the directory they are placed on
  • Automatically expand directories that new launchers are being added to
  • Delete unsaved new launchers and directories
  • Disable Add Launcher/Directory/Separator when searching
  • Icon Selection dialogs made more keyboard-accessible
  • Manual icon selection now has a filter to display only images


  • Fix adding top-level menu items to the Xfce Applications menu


The latest Greybird GTK+ theme clearly highlights MenuLibre’s UX features.
Meanwhile, here’s MenuLibre when used with the Numix GTK+ theme.
Rounding out the screenshots is Ubuntu’s Ambiance GTK+ theme.

Getting MenuLibre

Ubuntu 14.04 users can install MenuLibre 2.0.3 from the repositories.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install menulibre

For everyone else, the source package is available from here.  To install for a single user,

python3 install --user

To install system-wide,

sudo python3 install