The first release in the Catfish 1.3 development cycle is now out!  This development cycle is intended to further refine the user interface and improve search speed and responsiveness.  1.3.0 is all about style.

What’s New?

  • The toolbar has been replaced with a Gtk HeaderBar.  This better utilizes screen space and makes Catfish more consistent other Gtk3 applications.
  • The sidebar has been cleaned up and now clearly indicates selected options.
  • The file type and modification date dialogs were replaced with Popover widgets.  Filter changes are now applied immediately.
  • Startup, search, and results views now feature user-friendly “splash screens”.

Bug Fixes

  • Catfish will no longer attempt to create thumbnails for Photoshop and SVG files.  With recent library versions, this has caused Catfish to crash.
  • Exit application with Ctrl+Q (LP: #1447045)
  • Add GenericName to desktop file (LP: #1476401)
  • Use the correct locate.db file (LP: #1480064)
  • Use unique GUI IDs (LP: #1389896)



The latest version of Catfish can be downloaded from Launchpad.  Ubuntu 15.10 “Wily Werewolf” users can install Catfish 1.3.0 from the repositories:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install catfish