Xubuntu 17.04 “Zesty Zapus” Released

Xubuntu 17.04 “Zesty Zapus” was released on April 13, 2017, with several fresh Xfce GTK+ 3 releases, bug fixes, and new features.

What’s New?

  • Several Xfce panel plugins and applications have been ported to GTK+ 3
  • Core Xfce libraries exo and libxfce4ui have been updated with full GTK+ 3 support
  • Greybird and Numix were refreshed with improved support for GTK+ 3
  • Mugshot‘s camera functionally has been restored
  • Parole Media Player 0.9 is included and introduces a new mini mode and improved streaming support
  • SGT Puzzles Collection has been included and provides a nice gaming hub for Simon Tatham’s Portable Puzzle Collection


Download Xubuntu 17.04 from Xubuntu.org.  It’s available in both 32-bit and 64-bit varieties.