Exo 0.11.4 Released

What’s New in Exo 0.11.4?

The release of Exo 0.11.4 completes the GTK 3 port and can now be used for GTK 2 or 3 Xfce application development.

New Features

GTK Extensions


  • WebBrower: Added Brave, Google Chrome, and Vivaldi
  • MailReader: Added Geary, dropped Opera Mail (no longer available for Linux)

Bug Fixes

  • Removed --disable-debug flag from make distcheck (Xfce #11556)


  • Replaced non-standard gnome-* icons
  • Replaced non-existent “missing-image” icon


  • Dropped gdk_window_process_updates for GTK+ 3.22
  • Replaced gdk_pixbuf_new_from_inline usage
  • Replaced gdk_screen_* usage
  • Replaced gtk_style_context_get_background_color usage
  • Removed warnings for gtk_dialog_get_action_area and GioScheduler

Translation Updates

Arabic, Catalan, Chinese (China), Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Korean, Lithuanian, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Swedish


The latest version of Exo can always be downloaded from the Xfce archives. Grab version 0.11.4 from the below link.

Source code

  • SHA-256: 54fc6d26eff4ca0525aed8484af822ac561cd26adad4a2a13a282b2d9f349d84
  • SHA-1: 49e0fdf6899eea7aa1050055c7fe2dcddd0d1d7a
  • MD5: 7ad88a19ccb4599fd46b53b04325552c