As a software developer, I'm interested in creating clean, efficient, and open applications. I contribute to Xfce and Xubuntu development and strive to write high-quality, maintainable code that others can extend and build upon.

I am currently the Xubuntu Technical Lead and an Xfce core developer. My Ubuntu contributes can be found at my wiki page. Find me at the #xubuntu-devel channel on Freenode. Look for bluesabre.

OpenPGP Keys: 95FC5E22, 88DF5398DEAB08C7

Code Hosting

  • GitHub is home to a few of my personal projects, including Mugshot.
  • Launchpad hosts my Xubuntu projects and MenuLibre.
  • Xfce Git hosts every Xfce-specific project I maintain.

Current Projects

  • Catfish is a versatile file searching utility. Powered by Python and Gtk, it is beautiful, fast, and reliable.
  • LightDM GTK+ Greeter is a highly configurable login screen reminiscent of the classic GDM configuration.
  • MenuLibre is an advanced menu editor that provides modern features in a clean, easy-to-use interface.
  • Xfce is a fast, lightweight desktop environment that doesn’t sacrifice appearance or usability.
  • Xubuntu is an efficient, community-developed operating system powered by Xfce.

Past Projects

  • Wonder Backup is a free-to-use, platform-independent backup solution powered by Python.