About Me

I’m a software developer in the Louisville, KY area. I am an Ubuntu member, an Xfce contributor, and the Xubuntu Technical Lead. The applications I develop are powered by C, Python, and GTK to be lightweight, fast, and efficient.


I received my degree in Computer Science from Berea College, where I had a great experience with some of the best professors in their respective fields. I also formed lasting friendships and met my beautiful wife early in my college career, easily making my college years some of the best in my life.


After graduating from Berea, I went on to work in Software QA at Lexmark International, and later at Galmont Consulting. While with Galmont, I worked together with some of the best talent in the industry as a consultant for CME Group and the New York Stock Exchange. I’ve since switched tracks, and now work as a Lead Web Developer in Louisville, KY.

About This Site

Welcome to bluesabre.org! Here you'll find the latest Xfce and Xubuntu development updates. I post (semi-)regularly about the latest happenings, and cover each of the latest releases shortly after they happen.