My Projects

Free and open source software.


The advanced menu editor for modern and classic desktop environments. MenuLibre unlocks the full potential of your applications menu and dock by allowing you to create and rearrange your menu with support for actions.


The versatile file searching utility, made for Xfce. Quickly scan your file system for keywords or dig deep into file contents to find that novel you started working on years ago.


Improve support for Dark mode in elementary OS. Darkbar replaces per-application window decorations with your preference of light, dark, or automatic theme variants. Supports Electron and traditional style applications.

LightDM GTK Greeter

The highly-configurable login screen for GTK environments. Designed with accessibility and broad feature support in mind.


A lightweight user configuration utility for Linux designed for simplicity and ease-of-use. The missing profile settings for Xfce.

SGT Puzzles Collection

A single, simple launcher for all the games in Simon Tatham’s Portal Puzzle Collection, designed for GTK desktop environments.

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