Looking for ways to contribute? Whether you’d like to donate your time or your money, there are several options available.

Donate Your Money


If you’d like to contribute financially to the Xfce project, check out the Xfce Team on BountySource. With BountySource, users can put a bounty on a fix or feature they’d like to see implemented. When a developer fills the need, they get paid!


While Xubuntu is unable to receive contributions directly, there’s still several ways to contribute to the project indirectly. Check out the Xubuntu Donate page for more information.

ME (Patreon or PayPal)

Become a patron on Patreon to sign up for recurring payments, or send me a one-time time tip on PayPal. I’ll use any funds donated to cover server costs, fund other open source projects, purchase additional hardware for development, and fuel my coffee habit. Any amount is greatly appreciated!

Donate Your Time

Bug Reporting and Testing

This is one of the biggest ways anybody can contribute to open source. Here’s a few links to get you started.


If you’ve got a knack for software development, we’re always looking for more help! Join the crew on Freenode.net. You’ll find our developers at #xfce-dev and #xubuntu-devel. Stop on by and chat for a while.


Quality documentation makes software much more accessible to users. Unfortunately, there simply isn’t enough documentation for the wealth of open source software available. This is where you come in, and these links will show you the way.


Translations make software available in every corner of the world. If you’d like to contribute to translations for Xfce, check out the Getting Started guide. For most other applications that you’d find in Xubuntu, translations are managed on Launchpad. I’ve linked to a few projects below.