Catfish is a versatile file searching utility. Powered by Python and Gtk, it is beautiful, fast, and reliable.


  • Minimalistic, GTK+3 interface
  • Search suggestions, powered by Zeitgeist and locate
  • Powerful filtering by date, file type, and more
  • Full-text file content search


Catfish is featured in Xubuntu, and is available in the Ubuntu repositories. The latest version is also available for supported Ubuntu releases via the Catfish PPA.

For everyone else, check your package management software or download the latest release from Launchpad.


Want to help out with Catfish development? There’s several channels available.

  • Review, submit, and fix bugs here.
  • Translate Catfish into your native language here.
  • Ask questions and get answers here.

Thanks for your interest in Catfish!

Additional Information

Catfish’s official home is and has always been at (creators of Catfish and the popular Midori browser).  More information and previous versions can be found here.

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