Xubuntu Minimal Visual Tour

Xubuntu Minimal provides a lighter-weight alternative to the full-size Xubuntu desktop. The core desktop experience allows you to build your very own version of Xubuntu with the tricky configuration already done for you. Scroll through the screenshots below to see it in action. When you’re done, download Xubuntu Minimal from cdimage.ubuntu.com to test it yourself!

The Xubuntu Minimal desktop looks identical to the standard Xubuntu desktop.
The application menu is nearly empty, featuring only the Accessories, Settings, and System categories.
You’ll find only the essentials while browsing all applications (continued in the next two screenshots).
The Mail Reader and Web Browser apps won’t do much until you’ve added your own.
So, fire up the Xfce Terminal and apt install or snap install your favorites. 
NetworkManager is still included so that you can configure your network settings.
The notification plugin is here, with no loss of functionality.
The PulseAudio plugin is emptier than normal since no audio apps are installed. Note: Xubuntu Minimal ships with PipeWire but is still controlled by the PulseAudio plugin.
The clock reminds you of the time you saved while installing a much smaller Ubuntu flavor.
The Settings Manager has a few fewer settings than normal but is still fully functional.
Here’s the bottom half of your available settings.
No visual tour would be complete without a neofetch screenshot. You’re welcome.