MenuLibre 2.3.1 Released

MenuLibre 2.3.1 is now available! Today’s development release features a new “Command Editor” dialog that makes it easy to build launcher commands. It also improves support for missing theme icons, as you might find on Fedora 37 and 38.

The Command Editor

Building application launchers can be tricky. Environment variables have to be passed in a certain way. Some, but not all, components have to be escaped or quoted. Secret codes have to be used to support opening files and URLs. There has to be an easier way.

The new “Command Editor” makes building launcher commands easier than ever.

The command editor removes the guesswork from launcher commands. Environment variables are added before the rest of the command, along with the requisite env command. Commands can be added from the file picker or the list of installed applications. File, URL, and other argument expansions are clearly detailed for all supported field codes.

Improved support for missing icons

If you’ve used MenuLibre on Fedora recently, you might have been greeted with many missing icons. Since GNOME Shell doesn’t show application directories, the base Adwaita icon theme doesn’t ship most icons. The result… a pretty sparse MenuLibre application window.

MenuLibre 2.3.0 (the previous release), as seen on Fedora 38. Broken icons can be seen as soon as MenuLibre starts.

Icon handling was significantly improved with 2.3.1. An appropriate fallback icon is now used instead when an icon cannot be found. Additionally, a warning is displayed in the application editor, overlaying the fallback icon. Finally, there was an issue where symbolic icons might be replaced by their non-symbolic counterparts. MenuLibre will now preserve this setting.

MenuLibre 2.3.1 eliminates missing icons and provides ample warnings for users who don’t see an icon they expect.

Translation Updates

Many thanks, as always, to the wonderful translators supporting MenuLibre! Since 2.3.0, translations were updated for the following languages: Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Dutch, Finnish, Italian, Lithuanian, Malay, Malay (Arabic), Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

Testing Appreciated

MenuLibre 2.3.1 is the second development release in the 2.3.x series. I’m adding features and improving cross-desktop support, but I’m also invariably adding some new bugs to the mix. Please take this release for a spin, and report any bugs you find on GitHub. Thanks a bunch!


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