Parole Media Player 0.5.91 Released

Today I wrap up my week-long “staycation” with the release of Parole Media Player 0.5.91. The media player with the curious name (“parole” means “lyrics” in Italian) continues its steady march towards 0.6 with a new plugin and several fixes.

Release Notes

  • Added a new MPRIS2 plugin, thanks to Matias and Hakan (of Pragha fame)
  • Added RealMedia video to supported video mime types (bug #10434)
  • Fixed untranslatable strings (bug #10418)
  • Fixed loading of playlists with relative paths (bug #10436)
  • Fixed plugin installation on some platforms (bugs #10142, #10441)
  • Fixed failing debug builds on some platforms (bug #10525)
  • Fixed broken “Remove Duplicates” functionality
  • Fixed playlist searching
  • Started Plugin API documentation updates (more on this ahead)

New MPRIS2 Plugin

Parole’s MPRIS2 plugin and Cinnamon’s Sound Menu
Parole’s MPRIS2 plugin and Xubuntu’s Sound Indicator

This latest addition is thanks to the hard work of Matias and Hakan, who provided the majority of the effort to create the MPRIS2 plugin.  The Media Player Remote Interface Specification (MPRIS) is a standard DBUS interface for controlling media players.

Implementations can be found in most desktop environments, such as the Ubuntu Sound Indicator, the GNOME Shell Media Player extension, and the upcoming Xfce Sound Panel Applet.

Download and Installation

Source packages of Parole Media Player can be downloaded from the Xfce archives.  Parole Media Player 0.5.91 can be downloaded directly from here.

Additionally, updated packages should soon arrive in the Xfce 4.12 PPA for Ubuntu users.  Exercise caution in enabling this PPA as it contains development packages not meant for the everyday user.

If you encounter any bugs, please report them following our bug reporting guidelines.

Looking for Help

Are you familiar with Gtk documentation tools (gtk-doc)? We’re trying to complete our Plugin API documentation and can use some more experienced individuals to help us out. If interested, let us know in the comments or even send us a merge request. Any help is appreciated!