LightDM GTK Greeter 2.0.5 Released

LightDM GTK Greeter 2.0.5 is a minor release that improves the user experience for those who prefer everything “default.” Vanilla improvements are ahead!

What’s New?


  • Historical changelog entries were populated from the version control history

Configuration Changes

  • The internal power indicator is now enabled by default
  • New “at-spi-enabled” configuration option to disable the at-spi-bus after it has been enabled at build-time (for distributions)

Appearance Improvements

  • Added padding and additional classes for improved appearance with Adwaita, Greybird, and other themes


GTK Theme: Greybird
GTK Theme: Adwaita
GTK Theme: Arc
GTK Theme: Arc Dark
GTK Theme: Numix


Source tarball (md5, sig)

LightDM GTK Greeter 2.0.5 is available in Ubuntu 18.04 “Bionic Beaver” and included in Xubuntu 18.04.