I am pleased to announce the release of Xfce Screensaver (xfce4-screensaver) 0.1.0! This is an early release targeted to testers and translators. Bugs and patches welcome!


Xfce Screensaver is a screen saver and locker that aims to have simple, sane, secure defaults and be well integrated with the Xfce desktop.

It is a port of MATE Screensaver, itself a port of GNOME Screensaver. It has been tightly integrated with the Xfce desktop, utilizing Xfce libraries and the Xfconf configuration backend.

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  • Integration with the Xfce Desktop per-monitor wallpaper
  • Locking down of configuration settings via Xfconf
  • DBUS interface to limited screensaver interaction
  • Full translation support into many languages
  • Shared styles with LightDM GTK+ Greeter
  • Support for XScreensaver screensavers
  • User switching


  • DBus >= 0.30
  • GLib >= 2.50.0
  • GTK+ >= 3.22.0
  • X11 >= 1.0
  • garcon >= 0.5.0
  • libxklavier >= 5.2
  • libxfce4ui >= 4.12.1
  • libxfce4util >= 4.12.1
  • Xfconf >= 4.12.1


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Please be aware that this is alpha-quality software. It is not currently recommended for use in production machines. I invite you to test it, report bugs, provide feedback, and submit patches so we can get it ready for the world.

Source tarball (md5sha1sha256)

5 Replies to “Xfce Screensaver 0.1.0 Released

  1. I could be mistaken but looking at that (Screenshot above) “login screen & top-panel setup” is Sean on Gnome? LOL!!

    After the longest time with Uncle Bill, finally I switched over to Linux, on Linux Mint 19 -Xfce edition so I am not sure will I see these update come to the Mint edition of Xfce?

    There is a lot for me to learn & I must say that I am truly humbled with amount of work everyone puts into such a project.

    Love to see the project grow & as a user if it is possible I’d like to share my experiences/feedback with the community as a whole if it be helpful.

    Thanks again, Cheers!

    1. That login screen & top panel setup actually mirror the LightDM GTK+ Greeter configuration on Xubuntu. As for whether these updates come to Linux Mint Xfce, that’s up to Clem and his team to decide. Finally, we’re always open to feedback to help the project improve.

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