What's New?

New Features

  • New "Cupertino", macOS-inspired layout (Xfce #7). Note that this theme requires the AppMenu Plugin to display the menu in the panel.
  • New "Redmond 7", Windows 7-inspired layout (Xfce #8)
  • New "Xfce 4.16" layout to make it easier to get back to defaults
  • Whisker menu configuration is now included in the export (Xfce #11). Existing templates using Whisker menu have been updated to include appropriate defaults.


  • All existing templates have been updated with better support for Xfce 4.16. This includes updated launchers, current defaults, and replaced plugins.
  • Bashisms have been removed from the Makefile, enabling installation with alternative shells.

Updated Translations

Belarusian, Czech



Source tarball (sha1, sha256)