LightDM GTK Greeter 2.0.4 Released

With improvements for accessibility, cursor theme options, and the resolution to a years-old bug, LightDM GTK Greeter 2.0.4 is a long-awaited release for every user.

What’s New?

New Feature

  • Added cursor-theme-name and cursor-theme-size configuration keys. Before this update, users had to change the default X11 cursor to change it for the login screen.

Build Changes

  • Finished the port from gnome-common. Some leftover bits were causing build failures with the latest Ubuntu release.
  • Moved additional deprecated function calls to greeterdeprecated.c/.h so full debug builds remain functional.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed autologin-session configuration (LP: #1707186)
  • Fixed accessibility with at-spi-bus on systemd and non-systemd environments (LP: #1366534, #1670933)
  • (Finally!) fixed the infinite flicker that would occasionally happen for users with multiple monitors (LP: #1410406, #1509780)


Debian Unstable/Testing and Ubuntu Bionic users can install the latest release from the repositories.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install lightdm-gtk-greeter

Otherwise, the latest version can always be downloaded from the Launchpad archives. Grab the 2.0.4 release from the link below.

LightDM GTK Greeter 2.0.4 on Launchpad

  • SHA-256: 613b5966dad749e3e316352a9fa7d6380392be4c875b10a6384dd04105f66beb
  • SHA-1: 5cb3fbc17174f1348b2e6e9c48ad4ac95a35e50f
  • MD5: 8d37f7bbb453338af64e4e506681f031